Expanding Farther, Faster

The NFL and United Way have teamed up to give thousands of middle school students the tools to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships.

To date in the 17-18 school year, Character Playbook has reached more schools and students than the entire 16-17 school year.

Check out the innovative way the NFL and United Way engaged these schools and students this past fall through the program’s latest initiative –  Character Playbook LIVE.

Bring Character Playbook to your Community

The Character PlaybookTM program is available to be implemented in many schools across the United States. If you’re interested in bringing the program to your school, please complete the following form and we’ll have a representative reach out to you.

Character PlaybookTM is powered by education technology leader EVERFI, which works across 20,000 K-12 schools in North America and over 1,300 colleges and universities.